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(Last major list update: 10/01/2014) The songs are listed alphabetically by title. You can use this list to help you find a song that blesses you. PLEASE PRAY for WPHA! \o/

NOTE: I CAN NOT PROVIDE COPIES OF SONGS, so PLEASE don't ask. :) I will try to help you find sources of legitimate copies, though. Some of these are given, below. Try them first before contacting me. If you find what you wanted, please DO let me know.

Here is a Christian music search engine: www.songquery.com

Although some of these wonderful songs came from LP's,
cassettes, or CD's that are now "out of print",
you may find what you're looking for at these sites:

VALIDATED: 10/20/14 -
Please let me know if any
of these sites go offline.

This site specializes in making "out-of-print" music available! Please check 'em out first!
Here is a page that lists DOZENS of other sites that sell this music!

Mantis Christian Music
(Some hard-to-find LP's)
(This site was malfunctioning
when tested on 10/20/14)

^ These two sites offer
Out-of-Print music!

(Music by Silverwind)

(This site has a LARGE selection!)

This site has newer dowloadable songs:


(There is also Amazon.com)

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What does this music sound like?

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You can hear full versions of HUNDREDS of these songs on the WPHA YouTube Page.
You can also search for and find a moderate percentage of these songs there, as well! :)


If you found some of your older songs listed here,
please contact me. :)
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WHY will I still want to play these "Classic Inspo" songs on the air?
They often said, "I haven't heard that song in years! Thank you for playing it on the radio!"

I have even gotten e-mails from artists with similar comments,
thanking me for keeping their music "alive".
The truth is, IT NEVER "DIED"!!! :)
(It NEVER WILL, as long as God continues to use it!)
I SO VERY MUCH look forward to the day
we have WPHA to fill these STARVING airwaves
with this kind of music 24/7!
\o/ It is all for God's Glory! \o/

Because it is *ILLEGAL* we are NOT
offering ANY music for sale or download!
PLEASE do not ask. :)

If you wish to BUY music, please visit the above listed sites. Thank you. :)

Please note that in recent years, both Amazon and iTunes have added
SIGNIFICANT amounts of Chritsian music to their libraries!
You will probably find MOST of these songs, there!
I've seen them for sale as downloadable files from 99 cents to $1.49! :)

Note to fellow Broadcasters and Label Reps: This list is ALL-INCLUSIVE. Oldies, Recurrents, and Currents are all together, here. When I worked at WFIF, I used to maintain a separate list of "currents" at the station. Those lists were for the songs released within the past 12 months, and also for those which are on the "top 40" Christian charts.

The numbers at the end of most song listings tell me the length of the song, how long is the "intro" portion, it's tempo, the type of ending, it's "Ministry Value", and (time) = actual playing time on the HD. I used this information as I put together each broadcast, to help make it "flow" more naturally and sound more professional. :) Maintaining this list continues to be a labor of love... there are bound to be mistakes that have slipped by, as I convert it to HTML each time. It is a big task to update it, and it may be some time between updates. ;) You can use your browser's "FIND" option to locate a song or artist on this page.

Please note that if you ask me, I will do my best to provide you with information on some of these older songs, but please bear in mind that my information may be long outdated. :(

List of Songs:

There are probably still a few duplicates in the list. If you see one, please let me know. :) (Return to TOP of page.)

Morning Light was a morning devotional program featuring Inspirational
Christian Music, weekday mornings on WFIF. It's last broadcast on that station was August 31'st, 2007. It WILL return to the airwaves when God raises-up WPHA!

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Because it is *ILLEGAL* we are NOT
offering ANY music for sale or download!
PLEASE do not ask. :)