WPHA Timeline:

  1. The Lord placed the concept and vision of WPHA into my heart in the fall of 1986.

  2. I began working for WFIF in the summer of 1987, and hosted a music program in the morning hours for most of my 20 years of employment there. I also served as WFIF's Music Director from 1990 until the end of my employ there in August of 2007. Considerable knowledge and experience were gained in this time.

  3. A preliminary description and Mission Statement for WPHA were developed in the early 1990's.

  4. A Website was established in 1997 on AOL, and the description and Mission Statement were further refined.

  5. In 2007 this present site was commissioned and leased for 10 years.

  6. A detailed Business Plan was developed and printed in early 2008. It has been distributed to numerous local Christian businessmen and several Pastors since then.

  7. A computer has been assembled and equipped with basic automation software, with the over 2000 song music library loaded and ready-to-go.

  8. Were the phone to ring, and someone said, "We have a radio station. How long until WPHA's music can be on the air?" My answer will be, "Within 20 minutes from the time I walk through it's doors. I am on my way, now!" (It can be a 10 watt LPFM, or a 250 watt AM Daytimer... ANY radio station is a GOOD START.)

  9. I have made contact with a company that I was told was looking to eliminate an AM station from their roster. I wrote them a brief description and plan for them to consider allowing that station to become WPHA. They only gave me one response, acknowledging my first e-mail. It took several months to finally get a "We're not interested." response, so that door is closed. I will continue to keep my eyes and ears open for other possibilities.

  10. Because it is completely beyond my ability to acquire, I await God's provision of a radio station. I've done everything within my power up to this point. I covet your prayers! I am ready, literally, RIGHT NOW, to make this happen. The ONLY thing needed is a radio station. That's God's department. :)