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  • Q: What steps have been taken to make WPHA a reality?

    A: Please see our WPHA TIMELINE for more information.

  • Q: Can a new radio station be built for WPHA?

    A: Not in this area. There is, literally, no room for a new station. Not even a tiny, ten watt LPFM can be allocated anywhere in the Fairfield or New Haven County area. Only an existing station can become WPHA.

  • Q: What about one of those "Part 15" AM transmitters some people are using?

    If the Lord provides the funding and a location for the station, this is a possibility. The range of such stations is very limited, however, so it will not reach very many people unless located in a very densely-populated area of a city like Bridgeport or New Haven. Even then, the signal is weak. The useful range would be less than 2 miles. Interference limits its range even more.

  • If the Lord provided a station, how long will it take to get the music on the air?

    I have a computer fully configured with the music library and software, that is sitting on a desk, ready for me to pick it up and go. It would then take about 20 minutes from the time I walked through the doors of the station until the music was playing on the air.

  • Q: Will WPHA be AM or FM?

    A: WPHA would be better on FM, simply because it is the best format for MUSIC. If the Lord opens the door to obtain an AM station first, we will put the music format there, and use it to help raise the needed funds to purchase an FM station as an upgrade.

  • Q: If WPHA starts as an AM, then you get an FM, what will happen to the AM?

    A: The Inspirational/Light Contemporary music format would move to the FM. We would prayerfully consider programming the AM with a more Traditional styled music format and add several long-form programs. The goal of the AM station would thus be to appeal to Senior Citizens.

  • Q: Where will WPHA be located?

    A: The area of greatest need is Southern Connecticut, Fairfield and New Haven Counties. I have a deep burden for this area, and I truly believe that this is where God will raise-up WPHA.

    NOTE: On 5/30/11, The K-Love network signed-on a station in New Rochelle, NY. That station provides coverage over much of Fairfield County, but not much at all into New Haven County. (About 10~15% of the state of CT) Then, in August of 2014, they obtained a POWERFUL FM signal that covers about 90% of the state... so between those two stations, they cover virtually 100% of this state. They made some good decisions... and apparently obtained God's Favor in those acquisitions.

    WPHA will differ from K-Love in that it will be totally LOCAL. Also, the style of the Christian music we will play will be just a little more mellow, and will feature a MUCH larger variety, from the 1980's to today.

  • Q: How much will a radio station cost that is adequate to serve this area?

    A: It ranges from the hundreds of thousands to low millions of dollars for an AM station, and low millions into the high tens of millions for an FM. Only GOD can do this, and I am truly and totally believing Him for the MIRACLE that will make this happen! I covet your prayers.

  • Q: Is there any timeline for when WPHA could be operational?

    A: There is only God's timeline. He will bring it to pass when He knows it is the best time. All I can do until then is continue to pray, seek His face, share this Vision with others, and maintain/update these WEB pages as new ideas present themselves.

  • Q: How will WPHA be funded?

    A: WPHA will be a listener-supported ministry, depending upon the Holy Spirit to inspire God's people to supply it's needs. As long as the station is "In Tune" with the LORD, He will provide.

  • Q: Will WPHA be online?

    A: Now that the issue of the ruinous fees demanded by various royalty organizations have been resolved somewhat reasonably, the answer is: POSSIBLY.

    We MAY even attempt an ONLINE version of the station right here on this WEBsite, before the ACTUAL station begins operations. Please continue to pray about this possibility, because it is expensive and the legal requirements are onerous, as explained below.

    Note that there are some serious hinderances to "Online-Only", however. For one, the VAST MAJORITY of Senior Citizens do NOT own computers, thus an online-only station leaves them completely out. This is very distressing to me, because my desire is to INCLUDE these precious prayer warriors in WPHA's audience.

    I am also still concerned about the following restrictions. I do not know if these have been eased in the recent changes for online stations:

    ALL online US Broadcasters MUST comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. (If they don't, penalties are extremely severe!)

    * Stations must not be part of an "interactive service". *

    This means no personalized on-demand streaming or downloading of content. Sound recordings can't be performed within one hour of a request by a listener or at a time designated by the listener. [In other words, NO REQUESTS!]

    Now, here comes the BIGGIE:

    * In any three-hour period, you should not intentionally program more than three songs (and not more than two songs in a row) from the same recording; you should not intentionally program more than four songs (and not more than three songs in a row) from the same recording artist or anthology/box set. *

    [Side note: This terrible edict will completely RUIN the spontenaiety of WPHA's theme-based music selection process. This rule would very definitely quench the moving of the Holy Spirit through our on-air staff. This is the MAIN REASON that WPHA may not be online.]

    * Do not publish advance program guides or use other means to pre-announce when particular sound recordings will be played. However, a webcaster may name one or two artists to illustrate the type of music on a particular channel; and, DJ "teaser" announcement using artists' names are permitted, but only those that do not specify the time a song will be played. *

    * Complaints regarding these restrictions must be directed to the US copyright office, and your Senators and Representatives in Washington, DC. *

    I would also strongly recommend intercessory prayer. Seriously. Only if these DRACONIAN rules are DRAMATICALLY eased or repealed, will WPHA be able to broadcast online.

  • Q: How much music will WPHA play?

    A: The goal is to play at least 20 or more hours of music a day. WPHA may only carry a select FEW long-form programs at night.

  • Q: What kind of music will be played?

    A: The best descriptive name is "Classic Inspirational". This encompasses a range of styles from soft and mellow to somewhat more upbeat, but NOT "rock" or "rap". The primary emphasis of ALL the music played, will be a very CLEAR Message in the lyrics, including at LEAST ONE very clear reference to the LORD. (This is essential!)

  • Q: What is your intended audience?

    A: The Body of Christ. Everyone from toddlers to Seniors, but the primary audience will tend to be adults over 35. The "less aggressive" music style of WPHA will not appeal as strongly to younger people as would a Christian rock station, or a K-Love station. It is my heart's desire to have a format that Seniors can be comfortable with, especially because they are often the greatest Prayer Warriors in the Church! Since Prayer Requests will be a significant factor in WPHA's programming, I want to have as many Seniors as possible in the audience. There is no denying the power of prayer!

  • Q: How many songs are in the WPHA library?

    A: Over 2200 and climbing! The music library spans the years from the 1970's right up to today, with a good percentage of the total music coming from the 1980's and 1990's. When WPHA goes on the air, this whole library will be featured. It offers a wide variety of music with powerful and life-changing messages, from slow and contemplative to energetic modern worship.

  • Q: So many stations, Christian and non, play some songs far too often. Will WPHA do this?

    A: We will not play current songs more than a few times a day, unless they are VERY popular and listeners keep asking for them. Even then, we will limit how often and for how many days a song is repeated. We want people NOT to get tired of the songs we play. This is one reason our on-air library is very large by most broadcasters' standards.

  • Q: Will you tell us the names of the Artists and titles of the songs?

    A: YES!!! It will ALWAYS be our policy to "say what we play", 24 hours a day. We will also provide an ONLINE listing of the music and when it was played. This will allow listeners to research songs that really ministered to them. It is my hope and prayer that we will also be able to provide links to those artists WEBsites, so listeners can contact them and/or purchase their music. The whole point is to MULTIPLY the BLESSINGS to ALL, in Jesus' Name!

  • Q: Will you take requests?

    A: There will be opportunities for listeners to request songs, YES! I don't know if we will have dedicated "request shows" or simply allow requests throughout the day and night, working them into the thematic flow of the music. Some requests will obviously become the basis for themed segements. (If someone requests "I am so Thankful" for example, the on-air Announcer may be inspired to follow that with several more songs on the theme of thankfulness.)

  • Q: What are the "themes" you refer to?

    A: The messages of each song being played in a group will be similar and will flow together into a common theme. Christian music is unique because of its MESSAGE. There are a great many themes addressed in Christian music. Themes like God's peace, Jesus' Blood, Heaven, Joy, Thankfulness, Christ's Resurrection, Marriage, Family, Sacrifice, Suffering, Waiting, Rejoicing, Trials, Triumphs, etc. Playing a number of songs in a row that have common themes has been tested on the air, and was very popular. (The Morning Light program proved the success of this music format on WFIF for nearly 20 years.) WPHA will make this style of music available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    You can hear a SAMPLE of these "Themes" on my YouTube channel.

  • Q: What can I do to help make WPHA happen?

    A: Pray. Sincerely. Fervently. There is nothing else that matters. Pray against the forces of Darkness that oppose this. Please pray for God's direct intervention and guidance in this whole concept, beginning to end. Spread the word. Tell others about this site. Post blog entries about it... comment on other blogs and BBSes as well. The more people who know, the more people that can pray!

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