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For questions about WPHA, please e-mail:

I check my AOL addresses several times a day. If I fail to respond to you within 48 hours, it's possible AOL has lost or filtered your e-mail. The following e-mail address has no SPAM filtering, so to keep the SPAMBOTS from finding it, I have encoded it with a Javascript utility. YOU can see it, below, but the spambots can't. (NOTE: I only check this address once a day or less.)

( )

To manually enter it, type Willie then the AT sign then wphafm dot org

PLEASE *ONLY* use this address
to contact me about WPHA, specifically.

If you arrived at this page because of a WEBsite or e-mail Forum posting, and wish to contact me about that subject, please use my regular AOL address: MORNING1500@AOL.COM

Thank you and God bless you!