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WPHA stands for "We Praise Him Always". It will be our Primary Objective to use Inspirational music, with Christ-Centered lyrics, to draw listeners into a closer walk with Christ.

With my already existing library of nearly 2000
songs, here are just some of the Artists we'll feature regularly:
  • Twila Paris, Maranatha! Music, 2'nd Chapter of Acts,
  • Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns, Michael W. Smith,
  • Steve Green, Larnelle Harris, Integrity, Vineyard,
  • Don Francisco, 4-Him, Kelly Willard, Steve Camp,
  • Craig Smith, Pam Thum, Sara Paulson, Sean Smith,
  • Wayne Watson, Matthew Ward, Annie Herring,
  • Calvin Hunt, Alicia Williamson, Fernando Ortega,
  • Silverwind, Vicki Yoh'e, Testify, Jeremy Camp...
    and MANY MORE Inspirational favorites.

    Here is a brief summary of the Core Values that will apply to WPHA and WPHA Ministries.

    Marshall Field once offered the following 12 principles for determining life's core values.
    He writes, We need to understand:

      1. The Brevity of Time.

      2. The Power of Perseverance.

      3. The Rewards of Hard Work.

      4. The Importance of Simplicity.

      5. The Worth of Character.

      6. The Fruits of Kindness.

      7. The Power of Example.

      8. The Call of Duty.

      9. The Value of Economy.

    10. The Virtue of Patience.

    11. The Development of Talent.

    12. The Joy of Creativity.