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About the MUSIC

The music that will be played on WPHA has already been proven to be a powerful tool to touch the lives of listeners. Several tests were done (on different weekends) at another Christian station, with no special announcements at all. Surprisingly, listeners started calling within mere minutes of the test's beginning. Some of them were in tears, explaining how much the music was touching them. When one of these tests was over, one person called and said, "That last two hours of music was so good, I couldn't stand it!"

These tests consisted of two solid hours of music, with no announcer. (That was their normal format for that time slot, anyway.) Some of the music even came from their own library! The only difference was that the songs were selected prayerfully, with most of them following a common theme. (Rather than just playing randomly, as usual.) I gave a fairly large amount of this music to that station for use in their normal programming, and their listeners responded very positively to it, some even several years later.

What makes this music special? Primarily, the lyrics. If the song never mentions the Lord (by any one of His many Names) then I won't play it. I can't! It really disturbs me to read lyric sheets of songs, and find nothing more than vague references to "You", or "Light", etc. If they mean God, then why not say so?! All too many times, I have listened to a song that sounds beautiful... only to discover that it never mentions the Lord! There are songs that talk about Him, but that a Sinner wouldn't "get". The music of WPHA will have the common denominator of specific mentions of God in the lyrics. That is a crucial element.

When I select the music for airplay, I imagine being in the presence of God, standing before His throne, surrounded by the Hosts of Heaven. If I am not comfortable with a song there, then that song does not get on the air. This is the kind of music which has drawn so many listener responses! I have done it this way since God first allowed me on the air in 1987, and continue to follow the Lord's leading for each new song that I review for future on-air use.

A number of different music programs have aired over the years, all of them drawing strong listener response. (These shows invited people to call with prayer requests, and there have been many powerful testimonies!) I have a box of listener letters that I have saved, and the overwhelming theme of them is, "This music draws me closer to Jesus!" This is what the Prime Objective of WPHA will be... music that draws people closer to Jesus!

In these last days, our society has become very entertainment driven. Because of this, God can use the music of WPHA to touch the hearts of so many people in unprecedented ways. As they listen to this Christ-Centered music, they will be touched in their hearts by the powerful messages... most likely unaware that what they are listening to is actually a sermon in song! :)

I read something that I believe is life-changing for anyone who is involved in any way with Christian music. It is not a quick read, but it is not hard, either. It's very well worth taking the half hour to read it.

Special article about Christian Music

I agree with it whole-heartedly. The principles spelled-out in this article have been in my heart since 1986, and will govern the ministry of WPHA until Jesus calls us HOME.

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