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Financial and General guidelines
for WPHA Ministries

  1. This ministry belongs to GOD, not to any person or group. It is NOT a monument to nor a showcase for anyone's ego, personality, or memory.

    a) There is only ONE Who is worthy of honor, and that is JESUS CHRIST, ALONE. WPHA ministries is dedicated exclusively to the goal of exalting HIS Name among the people, and no one else's.

    b) No aspect of this ministry shall ever be named after any person or group. The name of any part of this ministry shall be selected so as to convey the goal of glorifying the Lord. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.

  2. GOD has apparently chosen to place His mantle of approval upon this work. Nevertheless, it is He who gives and sometimes will take away. If He should choose to close the doors of this ministry, we will accept His leading and yield the outcome to Him. Jesus Christ is our possessor and dispossessor. This ministry is completely and totally His, and we will obey His leading.

  3. One of the means we can use to discern God's Will regarding the continuation of this ministry is through the support He sends (or withholds) from His people. When financial difficulties arise, we will make these known to our listeners, but we will *NEVER* beg, plead, or coerce them for donations. We will never resort to disrespectful or dishonorable methods of fundraising, even if the needs are serious. In all cases, the needs will first be brought to the Lord. Then, a GENTLE appeal on-air and via mail will be made.

    a) If the support fails to come in, we will accept this as God's indication that we are not to pursue that particular avenue of ministry at that time, and will let any donors know of this change immediately. They will be given the option of receiving a refund or allocating those funds elsewhere.

  4. We will not ask people to support WPHA Ministries or any other Christian work until their obligations to their LOCAL CHURCH have been met. That is the "storehouse" into which their firstfruits are to be placed. Our ministry is secondary to that.

  5. We will NOT operate this ministry at a consistent deficit. While it may be necessary to borrow for large investments like new station facilities, equipment, buildings, or other outreach expansions, we will always strive to pay those loans off quickly. Whenever possible, such purchases will be made with funds that have been set aside or specifically pledged for them.

  6. We consider ALL donations received by this ministry to be "blood money", sent from loving people who have sacrificed to make their gifts possible. Our OBLIGATION, therefore, is to spend these monies wisely and conservatively in the daily operations of this ministry and any future expansions. We have no luxury condos, fancy cars, private limousines or airplanes, posh offices, or climate-controlled doghouses. Every penny is stretched as far as possible to meet the goals of this ministry.

    a) All buildings will be designed for functionality and economy.

  7. All donations will be receipted annually for purposes of tax documentation, etc. unless the donor specifically requests that they not be.

  8. We will strive to pay invoices for purchases within 30 days whenever possible. It is not right for us to use the vendor's money. All transactions will be handled according to strict Biblical standards.

  9. We will not try to raise more money than we need. If the Lord blesses us with an overflow, it will be carefully and prayerfully allocated to other areas of ministry, or placed in savings for future use. In all cases, our books will be open for all to examine. We will subscribe to the standards and ethics of the ECFA. (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) Or a similar accountability organization. Our literature will bear their seal in accordance with their strict guidelines. Our on-air promotions and appeals will, as well.

  10. Our mailing list will always remain private to the ministries of WPHA, only. We will not routinely sell or rent it to anyone else. If our listeners and supporters wish to be included on other lists, they may request this in writing from us, and we will be glad to oblige.

  11. WPHA Ministries will operate as a non-profit, 501c-3 organization.